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Mechanical & Public Health Building Services

About Us
Mechanical Estimating Ltd is a specialist service provider of comprehensive mechanical building services estimates to the construction industry.

We are focused on providing our clients with the most accurate estimates and the best possible service. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Whatever the size or complexity of the project, we can assist with all your estimating needs.

Material Take-Off Service

Accurate and detailed take-off of the following services: above ground rainwater, foul and condensate drainage, domestic hot and cold water services, gas, heating, chilled and condenser water - pipework, brackets, valves and fittings

Hybrid Cost-Planning

Budgetary cost-advice on early stage tenders. Design gaps are also identified and priced separately

Complete Mechanical Estimates

Comprehensive mechanical estimate including management of the RFI process, clarifications and full price breakdown

Value Engineering

We analysis the spec and set out value engineering proposals in order to get your price into pole position whilst assisting your client on their route to affordability

Tender Health Check

Comprehensive tender review of those "must win" estimates. We analysis your costings and identify areas of over-allowance and under-allowance, to ensure you have arrived at the "true prime cost"

Quotation Reviews

Appraisal of sub-contract, plant and material quotations in order to determine which vendor is the most competitive, technically compliant and inclusive of the full scope of works

Tender Presentation

Creation of tailor-made presentation slides for your client facing mid-bid and post-tender meetings - demonstrating to the client your strong understanding of the scope whilst drawing out salient points for discussion


Site change-control for mechanical and public health services - fully detailed variation build-up

Data Entry

Don't have the time to input take-offs into your estimation system? We are experienced in Trimble and Ensign Estimating Software Packages

Risk & Opportunity Review

'Deep dive' of your secured project estimate to uncover potential risk (leading to margin erosion) and opportunities (for margin stretch)

Resource Plug

'Parachute in' estimating resource - to cover staff on leave of absence, or whom have left the business, or where you have an exceptionally large bid to undertake. We can supplement your wider estimating team on a freelance basis

Cost to Complete Exercise

Need to know the cost to complete a current contract? We can survey the project and compile costings of work yet to be completed

Department Management

We can 'take the reigns' and manage the daily activities of your M&E Work Winning Department on a freelance basis


1-to-1 estimating training to develop junior and intermediate estimators. We teach estimating best practice, how to correctly build an estimate, pitfalls to avoid and ways to minimise risk when tendering

Department Set-Up

Creating a new M&E Estimating Department? We can get your department up and running by setting-up your software estimating tools, creation of forms, as well as development of processes and procedures to instill low risk, disciplined bidding

Above Ground Drainage Pipework

Conventional Gravity Rainwater, Syphonic Rainwater, Foul Drainage, Chemical-Resistant Drainage, Condensate, CCTV Surveys

Drainage Plant

Sump Pumps, Grease Separators, Gullies, Rainwater Outlets, Channel Drains, Greywater Harvesting, Rainwater Harvesting, Irrigation

Domestic Water Plant

Particle Filter, CWST, Booster Sets, Water Conditioners, UV Units, Chlorine Dioxide Units, Water Softeners, Calorifiers, Water Heaters, Leak Detection

Domestic Water Pipework

Mains Cold Water, Boosted Cold Water, CAT 5, Hot Water, Recycled 'Grey' Water, Chlorination


Gas Boosters, Meters, Governors, Pipe-In-Pipe, Durasteel Enclosures, Leak Detection

Comfort Cooling

VRV, VRF, Split Systems, Chillers, Heat Pumps, FCUs, Chilled Beams, CRAC Units, Cooling Towers, Dry Air Coolers

Heating Plant

ASHPs, Water-to-Water Heat Pumps, Ground Source Heat Pumps, HTHPs, Electric Boilers, Gas & Dual Fuel Boilers, Flues, CHP, Biomass, District Heating Networks, HIUs, Pumps, Pressurisation Units, Thermal Stores, Dosing Pots, PHEs, Dirt Separators, Vacuum Degassers, Side Stream Filtration

Mechanical Pipework

LTHW, CHW & Condenser Water Pipework, Flushing, Water Treatment, BSRIA Sampling

Heat Emitters

Fan Coil Units, Under Floor Heating, Trench Heating, Door Curtains, Radiant Panels, Radiators

Ventilation Plant

AHUs, Fans, MVHRs, NVHRs, MSFDs, VAV Boxes, CAV Boxes, Silencers, Cross-Talk Attenuators, Grilles, Diffusers, Louvres, Carbon Filters, NOx Filters, Heater Batteries


Galv, Plastic, Fire Rated, Stainless, Fabric, VCDs, NRDs, MSFDs, FDs, Pressure Relief Dampers, HEPA Filters, Pressure Stabilisers, Windcatchers, Refuse Chutes, Kitchen Canopies, Commissioning, Specialist Duct Cleaning

Fire Suppression

Residential Sprinklers, Commercial Sprinklers, Mist, Foam, Dry Risers, Wet Risers, Gaseous Suppression, Fire Hydrants

Smoke Control

Smoke Shaft Push-Pull Systems, AOVs, Corridor Environmental System, Car Park, CO Monitoring, General Smoke Extract


Building Energy Management Systems, Billing Systems, MBUS Wiring


Design Development, BIM, CDP


Sanitaryware & Brassware, Anti-Ligature, Vandal Resistant Fixtures, Height Adjustable WHBs


Vertical & Horizontal Distribution Services Modules, Plant Skids, Pipework Spools, Modular Plantrooms, Utility Cupboards


Medical Gasses, Compressed Air, Vacuum, Pneumatic Tube Systems, Fume Cupboards, Helium Quench Pipes










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